Song Maker

Making music is what we do best, so when google asked us to lend our instrumentation to their new SongMaker app - we ran into the studio faster than you can say "cue music!" Plus, who doesn't love a reason to break out the marimba? 


We recorded each instrument here in our studio. Take a look at these behind-the-scenes shots of our music magicians in their element.

Promo Vid

Check out this video to see the app (and our instruments) in action.


Song Maker

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab.

Executive Producer John Holt Producer Chris Smith Lead Audio Engineer Matt Lewkowicz Audio Engineers Pat Cupples, Parker Silzer Violin Melissa Tong Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Eileen Mack Cello Claire Bryant Marimba & Congas Dan Weiner Piano, Moog, Woodblock, Drums, Drum Machine Matthew Lewkowicz