We won’t lie and tell you we never wanted to be rock stars. Our favorite thing is writing songs, and our favorite genre is every genre.


Jingle Bells

Client VH1 Directors Mixtape Club, Aaron Stewart Art Director Aaron Stewart Animators Efrain Cintron, Mike Luzzi, Aaron Stewart Compositing Jesse Casey, Tavet Gillson, Jules Koetsch, Adam Sacks, Chris Smith, Mary Varn Music Mixtape Club (featuring Tim Harrington)

Android: Garageband

Client Google Creative Lab Director Chris Lenox Smith Producers John Holt, Bruce Moreau Designer Keith Vincent Editor Chris Lenox Smith Lead Animator Mary Varn Animators Casey Drogin, Josh Goodrich, Arthur Hur, Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Adam Sacks, Heidi Sullivan, Mary Varn, Keith Vincent Colorist Sean Moller Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Big Morning Buzz Live: Open

Client VH1 Music Mixtape Club Music

VH1 Classic: Metalheadzzz 101

Client VH1 Classic Creators Tim Harrington, Aaron Stewart Directors Chris Lenox Smith, Aaron Stewart Cast Tim Harrington as Randy Swollenblade, John Holt as Paulie Gold, Parker Silzer as Mather Producers John Holt, Bruce Moreau Art Director Aaron Stewart Animators Jake Armstrong, Phil Andrews, John Holt, Julien Koetsch, Adam Sacks, Aaron Stewart, Mary Varn 3D Animator Sean Moller Compositors Jesse Casey, Josh Goodrich, Julien Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Chris Lenox Smith, Luciano Tapia, Mary Varn, Paul Vilacis Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Sony: Like No Other

Client Sony Directed by Santa Maria Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Music Box

Client Showtime Director Mixtape Club (Jesse Casey, Michelle Higa, Chris Lenox Smith) Editor Bennett Barbakow Animation Jesse Casey, Michelle Higa, Chris Lenox Smith Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music